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A Journey Through The Years
Heading 6
Me Relaxing

Great to spend time at home

Mark Penny

Great to spend time at home, with the family. Ive met some good people over the years and to all of you it has been a pleasure. Not as young as i used to be but its a thing we cant avoid, we just have to enjoy life while we can.

Beautiful beach
Royal Marines
Royal Marines

I am proud to say i served 22 years

1982 - 2004

Look Closely - Rowan Gorilla 2.JPG
Look Closely

Rowan Gorilla 2. Theres a lizard there sunbathing

Many Courses

To work offshore i attended numerous courses

Opito Standard

Many courses undertaken to Opito standard. Just renewed H2S March 2021

Mark Peny
Me Today

Must have been a very long day indeed, even lost my hair

Mark Penny.jpg

Well changed my image, to reflect the times. Lost my hair but not my sense of humor. Now fully vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine along with certification, including a booster. Looking like health passports are on the way by summer, either digital or physical, so if you get the opportunity for a vaccine take it. How we carry out our work conventionally is the same, its getting to that point which is sometimes challenging. Stay safe everyone and abide by local protocols for safe distancing

Good Day

Briefly about me:

I'm Mark Penny welcome to my website. I'm a maintenance and construction specialist with over 18 years experience, working offshore as well as onshore.  Military background of having served 22 years in the Royal Marines. Vast experience on jack Ups and Semis as well as Drill ships , barges and land rigs. Also level 1 rope access to get to those difficult to reach locations which in many cases is often required. I was an RA3 but getting a little old for that now, although learnt a lot over the years. Many years of land rig inspection and maintenance as well as fault finding, and solution to issues which are often unexpected. Numerous 5 yearly overhauls carried out on jack ups as well as drill ships & semis. Heavy lift and rigging background coupled with attention  to detail and meticulous planning ensures my projects run smoothly. I live in Brazil with my wife and i have permanent residency (EXPAT). I work out of Dubai United Arab Emirates. Feel free to have a look at my site to see what i have been up to. Our inspection and derrick building crews doing a terrific job in numerous countries at this time. Very busy already in 2023, multiple work scopes on the go. Wind farm scopes starting again in the near future.

Current Location:






+971 50 379 7254





No social links will appear here as this site is to compliment My CV
My Key Attributes

    Over 18 years experience working on almost every kind of oil related offshore and onshore assets, in a maintenance or construction role. GWO courses all renewed ready for wind-farm working Always calm under pressure with being able to relate to who i am taking too at their level. With extensive military background training experience i can instruct and teach when i am required to do so. API inspections, land rig rebuilds & trouble shooting highly experienced, decommissioning, strong planning ability, incident investigations, derrick equipment removal and installation, drill ship 5 yearly scopes, DAT removal & replacement are but a few of the jobs i have carried out over the years. You can never stop learning, and no one knows everything which is why working as team is so important. Trusting each others abilities to get the scopes done safely is always paramount.

    Our crews are working in numerous locations throughout the world, taking additional precautions as needed in order to work safely as well as to adhere to local government guidelines. 2023 already looking very busy in many countries. Stay safe and please observe all the covid 19 guidelines, although it has relaxed somewhat now. If you get the opportunity to be given one of the vaccines, then please take it. I have had both shots of the Pfizer vaccine as well as the booster. Complete with vaccination certificate with bar code

    EA1 - Jacket scopes offshore 2019
    EA1 - Jacket E17
    Local wildlife in Saudi Arabia
    Swamp barge move Nigeria
    Swamp barge tug Nigeria
    Overlooking Santos Dumont From Sugarloaf
    Boat ride out of Louisiana Port
    Working at GDI Qatar
    Mark Penny
    Another 5 Yearly Under The Belt
    DATS Cylinder Removal
    Heres A Blast From The Past
    Always Good To See These
    Going Back Quite A Few Years
    Good Guys To Work With
    EA1 - Turbine Installation



    The most recent:

    Mark and his crew did an amazing job. The work scope changed as his crew arrived. Mark and his crew took it on in stride.

    We on the **** could not be more pleased.

    Thank you ********

    Always good to receive positive feedback

                       FAVOURITE QUOTE


    The one that has put me in good stead for countless years:

    "When you have reached the end of the rope, tie a knot in it and hang on"

    Makes me smile for sure.

    If you cant do that then give it your all,, no one can ask anymore from you

                    RECENT PROJECT


    Just came back from a scope In Saudi Arabia

    The scope was to remove four hydraulic  winches from height each weighing just over a couple of ton from the moon pool area.

    The original plan was to use rope access but due to covid we had to remove using conventional harnesses, was physically demanding and took extra time but we still achieved it, safely and without incident

    Some Places I Have Worked
    A view of Guanabara bay Nieteroi Brazil
    Rio De Janeiro

    A view over the Guanabara bay

    After A 5 Yearly Rebuild.JPG

    Abu Dhabi land rig rebuilds to API

    Sedneth 701 a view over the bay

    The harbour from the rig

    Taken from the 709 Cape Town
    Cape Town

    Looking towards table top from the harbour

    Looking Over Niger Delta.JPG

    The Niger Delta on a swamp barge

    Venuzuela coiled tubing mast

    I was surveying a coiled tubing mast

    Galveston Key
    Galveston Key

    Taken while in the shipyard UAE

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