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Mark Jeffrey Penny

State Of Rio De Janeiro


Currently Working Out of UAE


Phone: +971 503797254

Mark Penny
My CV in PDF Format

Professional info


On completion of military service i thought i would like to try some of the NDT courses as that looked interesting. However after doing the courses and passing i found it was not my cup of tea. Got a call from a UK based offshore maintenance company and i have not looked back since. I started on the tools and worked my way up to a point where i was managing projects of large scale and budgets. Further experience on different types of vessels and platforms also enhanced my overall knowledge of the different designs and technology that are found offshore in today's drilling rigs. A number of years also spent working in the UAE with land rig overhauls, which entails a complete strip down to component form and then rebuilding it back to operational status, normally in 40 days. Many years spent on all different types of jack up rigs, with scopes ranging from crown removals to derrick installation and numerous other types of scopes.

Copious land rig strip downs to component form, then blast and inspect followed by painting and finally rebuilding back to OEM specification as well as to API criteria.

Numerous investigations carried out always at very short notice as to the root cause with recommendations to  prevent a occurrence.

Project Manager of a multi million dollar scope taking place with regard to evaluation of the fabricated jackets for customer acceptance.

Often deployed at short notice to drilling companies to trouble shoot issues and come to a solution to get the rig back onto day rate as quick as possible.

Portuguese - can get by


Majority of Microsoft Office applications

Planning software

Microsoft Project very proficient

Man management ability is second to none

2010 - present

Work experience

Technical Authority

2013 - present


Undertake planning, construction issues, documentation, work scopes, site availability and client liaison.

Deal with equipment requirements, heavy lift and logistical planning (rigging / construction).

Implement forward planning, problem-solving. Worldwide, offshore and onshore scopes

Manage maintenance scopes, procurement and availability of mechanical assets / manpower and availability.

Often traveling to different countries to offer expertise as well as a hands on approach.


Senior Offshore Supervisor - Rig Building

​2004 - 2013 

Some of the scopes that were undertaken during this time, are below:


Re-built the complete crown area on work scope in (Brazil); works encompassed:

Complete cluster breakdown on the crown of all sheaves to the drill floor after bearing and shaft  failure.

Crane boom removal (re-installation and pinning) and separation down to component level.

Heavy lift planning in confined spaces and liaison with Client to ascertain requirements.

Turn Down / MRT / Blind End Sheave removal and installation.

Bearings and Races removal and replacement.

Guide rail alignment, installation and removal.

All projects completed safely and to critical timescale (duration's from 1 week to more than 15  months


Royal Marines

1982 - 2004​


Royal Marines - Completed the last 10 years of service in a training capacity, UK and overseas.

Training of individuals to required standards in all aspects of being a leader. Junior & senior levels.

Planning Manager for all equipment sent worldwide at short notice.

Forward Projection of multi-million-pound assets and availability.

Advanced technical training knowledge on a vast amount of military subjects as well as analytical skills on personnel performance and future prognosis.

Team mentoring to a very high standard as well as coaching in all areas of being a leader with technical leadership and superior organizational leadership abilities.

2010 - present


Royal Marine Education

1982  - 2004 


Numerous courses undertaken while in the military: To name a few

Junior and senior advanced management courses / certification

Various courses undertaken of how to train people as well as lecturing

Training people how to be a leader.

As well as academic courses and telecommunication qualifications.

Naval presentation courses as well as many years lecturing in numerous subjects in the class room as well as in operational theaters.


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