Having worked with many clients from all over the world and on many different types of platforms and drilling rigs, the client will always want the scope carried out safely without exception. Safety is always the number one priority and be able to work safe and being proactive at the same time is what  makes the team work as one unit. And i will strive to make sure that all my crews are safe in no matter what environment they maybe working, hot or cold.

Some of my projects are below, too many to mention them all however. Currently back in the Netherlands with wind farm jacket scopes. The scopes are quite diverse but at the same time challenging.

Just a few selected from various locations, so you can visualize how diverse my scopes have been over the years

Seafox Colga.JPG
Galveston Key - Shelf Drilling.JPG
AD 31 - Adnoc Drilling.jpg
Some Of The Projects And Companies Who I Have Worked For Over The Years

Having done a number of land rigs 5 yearly refurbishments the sequence is generally the same. The complete rig is stripped down to component form and blasted and painted. Then it s reassembled back to full operating specification normally in about 40-45 days. Of course there are teething issues which normally delay sometimes with regard to the mechanical side, but all projects i have done have been done safely.

A crew went to the Gulf Drilling International Jack Up Rig called Al-Doha. An experienced crew of almost all Indonesians went to change out leg liners that were worn and damaged. These need changing periodically. The crew were mainly welders but all rope access as it is all done by ropes. New liners are tacked on and the rig is jacked which pushes the old liners out, then its weld new liners in position. They did a great job.

Working on a jack up rig for Seadrill. There were various scopes to complete, as well as additional scopes added which isn't a problem as long as we have the resources to get the scope done safely, client satisfaction is always paramount. All the crew enjoyed their time on the rig, and we finished off by changing a towing bridle for new, all done over the side, and above all done safely. 

I have worked on many of the Shelf Drilling rigs many of them jack ups with a barge thrown in there as well. Good work crews and coupled with different locations made those days a pleasure to be there. To name a few of the rigs that i have worked with Shelf are: Comet - Galveston Key - Hibiscus - High Island 4 - High Island 7 - Key Gibraltar - KSN - Rig 141 and the Trident 15 to name but a few.

Numerous Ensco platforms have been frequented by my good self over the years, with the most recent being the 141 and the 140. These were new build projects that took place in Lamprell shipyard in Hamriyah. They were completely new jack ups rigs and we built the derricks and installed the equipment within the derricks as well as carrying out numerous modifications along the way.

The rigs that i will never forget are the older type semi subs of Transocean, with the ones that spring to mind are the 706 - 709 and the 710. Im not sure if these rigs are still in use today but i spent many days and months on these carrying out various scopes from little to more complex. This is going back a number of years now though, but almost all were down in Brazil.


The crew performed an excellent job. They were very proactive.

Seadrill Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) 

Highly appreciated Mr Mark for your full effort to complete the project. You always doing your best.
Adnoc Drilling Manager
Andoc Yemilla Various Scopes
Scopes on the crown frame
Transocean 710 Beef Up
Plates welded on
ODN1 Compensator Replace
Removed and replaced
Adnoc Yemilla torque tube assess
Alignment and survey
Swamp barge moving Nigeria
Accompanied by the gun boats
Coiled tubing mast assessment
Mast in Venezuela sometime ago now
Kuwait land rig inspections
Carried out land rig inspections and surveys
Sevan Driller Thruster Removals
Replaced 2 thrusters with new
Sevan Driller thruster replacements
Here are the thrusters 15 ton each
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